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Molí Primer Projectes Telemàtics (MPPT) is an engineering services company whose application area is the information technology (IT). In this website you can find a short description of the engineering services that we offer. Our service catalogue comprises, but is not restricted to: network and software engineering, modeling and simulation. For any further services you might need, you can freely contact us through our contact form.

The networking services range from design to implementation of your network infrastructure and services. Not just the physical devices, wires and connectors but the software services that make them useful. An important point of interest is the integration of heterogeneous systems in your network: Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices will be seamlessly integrated in your technological ecosystem.

By means of the software engineering services, we can analyse, design, develop and test the software tools your business needs. We handle the full software life cycle, from the inception to the deployment in your facilities. Our expertise is mainly focused on developments in C/C++ language.

The modeling services are closely related to the software engineering, especially in the earlier life cycle stages where models are used in requirement and design phases. After that, models are still useful for documentation purposes and even to go from the model to the code and back again to the model. We use UML as our working tool in this area. SysML is used for Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) projects and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) for business modeling.

Through the simulation services you can get information about any process, facility or system even though it does not exist yet. A parameterized model of the system is built and after a number of executions, data gathering and the analysis of them, conclusions and objective decisions can be taken.




Backup system deployment with free software

MPPT has recently deployed a successful backup system with free software Amanda Network Backup. All the backed up data is stored on virtual tapes located on a remote NAS (Network Attached Storage) device which provides spatial redundancy at the same time.

Implementation of a simulation model for a new wireless sensor network protocol

A new simulation model of a network protocol for group based wireless sensor networks, engineered by Ph.D. Miguel García Pineda, has been implemented in C++ and OMNeT++ network simulation framework.